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Waconia Choirs is a group of curriculum and extra-curricular choirs that include Waconia High School's Power Company of Show Choirs, Power Company, The Current, Illuminations, Shockwave and The Pulse. It also includes The Waconia High School Chamber Choir, and the spectacular Show Choir event, Star Power.
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Show Choir Auditions

Show Choir Auditions 2017-2018

Preparing for your Audition

  1. Learn the dance. Come to one or all. it is up to you. This includes Power Company Veterans . We are looking style, strength, confidence and accuracy. Have fun with the dances. Entertain us.

Monday, May 1 from 3-5 PM or 6-8 PM (Learn the Dance) (Learn the Dance 2) 

Tuesday, May 2 from 7-9 PM

2. Learn the songs – Come prepared with your music memorized. We are looking for pitch and rhythm accuracy, good vocal technique, confidence and strength.

Sing two required songs acapella.

  1. The National Anthem in a key that is comfortable for you
  2. Somewhere over the Rainbow in the following keys:
    1. Ladies in key of C or F
    2. Men  in key of C or E flat

You may be asked to demonstrate vocal mastery through exercises in sight singing, pitch matching and vocalizing.

What To do Prior to your Audition

5 Simple Steps

1. Download the 2017-2018 Handbook / Audition Packet / Forms Packet detailed instructions regarding your audition are in the handbook.

2. Fill out, sign, and return the following forms prior to your audition. (They are in the handbook and must be turned in prior to your audition.)

* Calendar Conflict Form (See the Audition Handbook) 

* Show Choir Payment/Participation Agreement (See the Audition Handbook)

3.  Update your Charms Account (see below)

Charms is our online Contact Management System that we use to communicate with our show choir families. It is your responsibility to ensure that your account is up-to-date. We use Charms to give you updates on the season and to access your contact information in the case of an emergency. It is very easy to do. Go to our website: www.waconiachoirs.org. Click on the Blue Charms account Log-in. Your password is your student’s Waconia Identification number.

To ensure that students who are involved in Fall sports or Activities have priority signing up for a time, please follow these sign up guidelines. 

  • Those participating in Fall sports or Activities may begin registering immediately. 
  • Everyone else may begin to register on Tuesday, May 2 at 8:00 am.

4.  Sign up for your Auditions by clicking Below

           Vocal Audition Time

          Movement Audition Time