Waconia Choirs | Illuminations
Waconia Choirs is a group of curriculum and extra-curricular choirs that include Waconia High School's Power Company of Show Choirs, Power Company, The Current, Illuminations, Shockwave and The Pulse. It also includes The Waconia High School Chamber Choir, and the spectacular Show Choir event, Star Power.
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Jillian Kobilka


Nick Quamme & Jillian Kobilka

Show Choirs

About This Group

“Illuminations,” Waconia High School’s high voltage Show Choir, under the direction of Jillian Kobilka, was in its second season as part of the Power Company Family of Show Choirs in 2014-15 season. This all girls show choir consists of 27 singers and the show band, Kilowatt.
These girls are looking forward to sending a positive message into the show choir world, illuminating each stage with energy and hope! We are proud to belong a community that is so supportive of the arts, including our show choir program. Thank you to our families, friends, and community members for being our biggest fans and supporting us throughout the year! We are also excited to support other groups and cheer them on today! Shine On!