Waconia Choirs | Chamber Choir Downloads
Waconia Choirs is a group of curriculum and extra-curricular choirs that include Waconia High School's Power Company of Show Choirs, Power Company, The Current, Illuminations, Shockwave and The Pulse. It also includes The Waconia High School Chamber Choir, and the spectacular Show Choir event, Star Power.
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Chamber Choir Downloads

Caroling Music


2017-18 Carolers Click Here

Fall Practices – Mark your calendars now!!!

All Practices will be Thursday from 3-5 PM unless otherwise noted.


All music must be learned and ready to sing in quartets by Thursday, September 14.

This will require dedicated individual rehearsal on your part.

Please do not sign up if you are not willing or able to make this commitment.

You can pick up your music Folders on Friday, May 19.




Thurs. 14                           All Music learned

Thurs. 21                         Songs 1-8

Thurs 28                            Songs 9-16


Thurs. 5                              Songs 1-4

Thurs. 12                           Songs 5-8

Thurs. 26                           Songs 9-12

Tues. 31                             Songs 13-16





Thurs 2                               All learned and memorized

Tues 7                                 Songs 1-8

Thurs 9                               Songs 9-16

Tues. 14                             Songs 1- 8

Thurs 16                            Songs 9-16

Tues 21                              Songs 1-8

Tues. 28                             Songs 9-16

Thurs 30                            Songs 9-16


Tuesday 5                         Final Rehearsal and Party