Waconia Choirs | Curricular Choirs
Waconia Choirs is a group of curriculum and extra-curricular choirs that include Waconia High School's Power Company of Show Choirs, Power Company, The Current, Illuminations, Shockwave and The Pulse. It also includes The Waconia High School Chamber Choir, and the spectacular Show Choir event, Star Power.
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Curricular Choirs



The Waconia High School Choral Music Program is designed to fulfill the needs of those students who enjoy choral singing. The choirs will perform all styles of choral literature from Renaissance to contemporary literature. Emphasis will be placed on ensemble singing and students will develop their individual solo voices. The choirs will perform at festivals, contests, concerts, and other school events.

Learning Outcomes

Most of the progress and success that you, as students, will achieve through membership in the WHS Choral Program will come through your willingness to express yourself, your desire to be an involved member, and your attention to musical details in the music and/or remarks given by the director. To achieve a high degree of success, you must be willing to work individually as well as within our performance groups. Continually strive to improve yourself as a member of the WHS choirs, and be proud of your accomplishments. The WHS choirs have built a reputation for performance excellence through the outstanding work of our students!

Vocal Skills Emphasized

Through participation in the choirs, the student will have experiences that will help them to:

  • Sing with proper vocal technique, as it relates to posture, breathing and breath support, phonation, resonance, vowel formation/modification and articulation.
  • Understand the musical parameters of melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, texture and text as they apply to the preparation and performance of choral music.
  • Possess skill in sight-reading.
  • Understand fundamental musical terminology as it relates to choral music.
  • Learn and memorize representative choral literature from a variety of styles.
  • Appreciate the aesthetic nature of the art of choral music from various styles.

Personal Skills Emphasized

Through participation in the choirs, the student will have experiences that will help them to:

  • PRIDE in yourself and in the WHS Choral Program
  • Working together for a common goal: THE ENJOYMENT OF SINGING
  • ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY through dependable, steady attendance at daily rehearsals, concerts, festivals, contest and lessons.
  • Positive SELF-DISCIPLINE and classroom behaviors
  • Your development of LEADERSHIP within the choral program.
  • Your drive to CONTINUALLY DEVELOP your singing voice.
  • Discover music as ART.
  • Learn to be a SENSITIVE musician in expressing music emotion.
  • Strive to improve as an individual singer to BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE.
  • Strive to improve collectively to BE THE BEST THAT WE CAN BE.
  • To set a STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE for the future.
  • To RESPECT your fellow students and directors.
  • To become a sensitive, active LISTENER.
  • Work together to increase SELF CONFIDENCE.
  • To ATTRACT NEW STUDENTS into the WHS choir program.