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Waconia Choirs is a group of curriculum and extra-curricular choirs that include Waconia High School's Power Company of Show Choirs, Power Company, The Current, Illuminations, Shockwave and The Pulse. It also includes The Waconia High School Chamber Choir, and the spectacular Show Choir event, Star Power.
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Did you know . . .The Waconia Choirs have a Booster Club? If you have a child in choir, you are already a member. The executive board meets once a month to discuss ways we can help our kids in the Waconia Vocal Music Department. In the WHS Vocal Music Department, students are given many opportunities to succeed through many different and varied course offerings, including, but not limited to, the Concert ensembles, WHS Select Chamber Choir, The Power Company Family of Show Choirs and a vocal lesson program. To sustain and build these programs, we need the help of the Booster organization and dedicated parents like you. We are not asking for large time commitments from you. You may help in whatever capacity with which you are comfortable. With the exciting plans that we have for the future, we need fresh ideas and a positive outlook to achieve our goals. Just think of the wonderful memories we can help create for our kids! If you are interested in serving on the executive board please contact Mr. Olson at aolson@isd110.org or 952-442-0668.


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Power Company Family of Show Choirs

Director: Aaron Olson aolson@isd110.org 952-442-0668 952-240-6786 Travel Coordinator: Kevin Barnard kbarnard@isd110.org Lead Chaperone: Bill Luder bill.luder@overstockbait.com Costumes: Carol Miller clmiller@isd110.org Becky Hanson rlhanson@mchsi.com Makeup/Hair consultant: Stage Manager: Keith Griffin keith@bluetricycle.com

Power Company

Director: Aaron Olsen aolson@isd110.org 952-442-0668 952-240-6786 Assistant Director: Jillian Kobilka jillkobilka@gmail.com MegaWatt: John Pohland Jpohland@isd110.org

The Current

Director: Kevin Barnard kbarnard@isd110.org Assistant Director: Evan Jones ejones@isd110.org Watt: John Pohland Jpohland@isd110.org


Director: Evan Jones ejones@isd110.org Choreography: Nick Quamme


Director: Jill Kobilka jkobilka@isd110.org

Contact Your Booster Executive Board

President – Van Colson

Vice – President – Elena Bohman

Treasurer – Todd Gregoire

Secretary – Lisa Wagoner


Other Important Contacts

Business Manager – Pam Kurtz

Lead Chaperone – Ruth Gregoire

Power Company Costumes – Judy Fritz & Lisa Siebert

The Current Costumes – Judy Fritz & Lisa Siebert



Welcome to the parent page for Waconia Choir students. Here you will find important documents to download and links for student payments and access to your Charms account. If you have any questions or need other information please call Aaron Olson at 952-240-6786 or email at aolson@isd110.org.

Students Name:

Check Your Tuition Balance

To Check your Balance Contact our Business Manager Pam Kurtz
Statements will be emailed on a monthly basis.


The Waconia Choir Boosters are committed to ensuring that no students are turned away from participating in the Show Choir program at Waconia High School due to financial need. Therefore, we provide need based scholarships and deferred payment plans. Click on the button on the left for more information.